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Contact the 1881 Courthouse Museum at 605-673-2443 for information on joining the Custer County Historical Society. Just a few dollars per year helps support the Museum!

Volunteer Opportunities

We Love Volunters!

The 1881 Courthouse Museum has many opportunities for volunteers, even for “behind the scenes” tasks during the “off season,” when the museum is closed.  The following is a list of our continuing needs.

Collections Processor:  What happens to items donated to the museum?  A Collections Processor lists the items for review by the Collections Committee, then sends out the thank you letters, catalogues the items in the databases and stores the items.

Digitizer:  The museum has many microfilm and paper resources that need to be scanned and put into digital format.

Docent/Tourguide: If you would like to lead a tour through the museum or act as a character from the 1800’s who lived and worked in Custer,  we will train you about the history you’ll need to know.

Events Staff:  The Museum sponsors the Children’s Parade, along with the vendor booths during the Old Tyme Country Fair in early July.  This takes lots of help to plan, coordinate and run the Fair for the enjoyment of all!

Exhibits Assistant:  When displays are changed, we need folks to help move items and create display cards and exhibits with stories.

File Clerk: Many paper items (newspaper clippings, photos, manuscripts, books and magazines) in the museum must be catalogued and filed so they can be used for research.

Giftshop Staff: Museum visitors need assistance finding local history books and artisans’ works, and purchasing these items.

Newsletter Editor:  If you would like to put together the Historical Society’s quarterly newsletter, this is a terrific opportunity. 

Receptionist: Here is an opportunity to meet people from all over the world.  You would be responsible for greeting customers and starting them through their self-guided tour of the museum.

Website Editor:  Our website must be updated with current information about 3-4 times a year.   Using the GoldenWest Building Blocks software is not difficult.


  We would love for you to become part of the 1881 Courthouse Museum Volunteer by calling the  Museum at 673-2443 or email us at   Not only would you be helping the Museum, but you would be learning about Custer County and the Black Hills history and working with a great bunch of people!


Click below for our Volunteer Form and Agreement to print and mail or drop by the Museum Office.

Volunteer Form

Volunteer Agreement




Photos-Photos-Photos Needed!

   We are constantly augmenting our photo archives of Custer County and Custer City. Many of you have older photos of places and people that are part of our history. We would like to borrow them from you so we can scan them into the computer. In particular, we would like pictures of the early days of Custer County communities, ranches or mines. In return, we could download the scanned photos for you onto a medium (thumb drive, CD or DVD) you provide. As soon as we have scanned the photos, we would return them to you. Any stories or facts pertaining to these photos would also be of great interest to us.  Let Gary know (673-2443) and he will make the necessary arrangements to get the photos.