Custer County Historical Society-1881 Courthouse Museum

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Custer County Historical Society

In 1961 a meeting was held to see if there would be sufficient interest in Custer County to form an historical society. In 1969 the Custer County Historical Society was incorporated. The purpose of this organization is to collect, preserve, exhibit and publish material for the study of history, particularly the history of Custer County and the adjacent Black Hills area; to arrange for the preservation of documents, letters, reports, newspapers, books, pictures, and relics pertaining to the said area, and obtain narratives of pioneers; to promote museums of said county, and to promote the study of history of the county and State in all schools.

The Society has been responsible for erecting many signs pointing out historic places of interest throughout the County. The Society worked to save the Custer County Courthouse when it was set for demolition in the early 1970ís and established it as a museum. Since its inception, the 1881 Courthouse Museum has been worthy of high praise from residents and guests alike.

The Custer County Historical Society has sponsored an annual historic tour featuring historic homes and buildings as well as activities and industries of the past for years now. The Fall Historic Tour is the main fundraiser of the Society. The Society lately has been busy preserving the oral history of some early residents. Eight times a year the Society puts on programs dealing with historic events or people that are both interesting and illuminating featuring acclaimed speakers from far and near. These speakers are also recorded.

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